Waikiki honeymoon photography

This couple from Japan honeymooned in Waikiki. They sent me a sweet email message when they returned home to Tokyo.

In the airplane from Honolulu to Tokyo, we chatted a lot about the trip. We went to Diamond Head, Waikele Shopping mall, a botanical garden, Kaneohe Bay, and we ate many foods such as Mexican, American pizza, and many others. We tried to count the five best memories in Honolulu. We concluded that your photo session was the most fun and most enjoyable time in our trip! My wife’s kisses during the session reminded me of the beginning of our relationship two years ago. Thank you for giving us the best memory of our honeymoon trip to Hawaii.


Katie - August 16, 2011 - 11:20 am

Great selection of shots and a great way of remembering your honeymoon holiday!

Family photography: Turtle Bay Resort

Another beautiful family who had their photos taken last year while they were on vacation at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu. Dad is a firefighter and an athlete; Mom is a gymnast (and a freelance photographer). Both kids are also budding gymnasts.

Julie - August 15, 2011 - 5:14 pm

Hi. I love your website/photos. My family and I will be visiting Kailua 9/20-27 and would like to have our annual family photos taken at that time. Would you provide me with your price list.

Kind regards,